Our installations provide peace of mind with complete technical and installation expertise.
Our systems are “solar ready”, meaning that the user can initially install a battery backup system which can either include solar panels or have solar panels included at a later date. All our installations come with Certificates of Compliance.

How it works

Solaready smart inverter: 1kVa-5kVA inverters which are modular (above 3kVA additional inverters can be added to increase output up to 10kVA-30kVA.) Multiple inverters can be connected to 1 battery bank. The Smart intelligence enables the inverter to first draw energy from solar, and thereafter, if solar is insufficient, draw energy from the grid. Full software provided.

The output (kVA) is the most important aspect of any power system as it dictates the type/quantity of appliances which can be used. Our system provides a reasonable output (5kVA) which can be increased without having to replace the inverter, the latter being a huge advantage to the user who wishes to increase energy capacity post installation. Our systems are a risk free and cost effective solution for single and three phase installations.


Appropriate solar and solid state power backup systems

The smart hybrid inverters come in three basic models. These are 1kVA, 3kVA and 5kVA. The 5kVA units can be paralleled for higher outputs or can be configured that three units can be so connected to form a three phase system.


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